Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arm Candy

Hello Lovelies! 

Arm Candy is the most sought-after trend this season. And when I say Arm Candy, I'm not talking about your remarkably attractive date you bring along with to some special public event. Fashion's terminology of Arm Candy means stacking up tons of bracelets and watches. I have become addicted to this trend. It is such a fun way to stack up your favourite jewellery pieces and they instantly jazz up an outfit. Especially if you add a pop of colour to the bunch, it instantly drags attention. Dressing up your wrists has become essential as much as dressing up yourself!  

I was always the type that I cannot leave the house with a piece of jewellery. However I was not as addictive as I am now. I am literally dedicating a shopping trip for jewellery nowadays. Insane right? Well this addiction started mostly due to the fact that other top bloggers all admire this trend. Yes I blame it all on you bloggers! Haha. I just love their style and it is obvious you get inspired by them. My favourite blogger and stylist, the QUEEN of Arm Candy is Chriselle Lim. Check out her blog The Chriselle Factor . You'd die once you see her all her arm candy, she is an expert at stacking bracelets! 

Check out the pictures below. I am mesmerized by the beautiful colours. Aren't they just gorgeous to look at? 

As for my way of stacking, here is my ACOTD, meaning my Arm Candy of the Day. 

From Left to Right :

Hearts and Love bracelets: Claire's
Jewelled Bracelet: New Look
Pink Bangle: Pimkie
Mint Jewelled Bracelet: New Look
Mint and Pink Bracelet: Vintage
Watch: Tally Weijl.

Make sure to stack up your favourite arm candy today and make sure its colourful!

Hope you liked today's post.



  1. arm party's are like the best trend this spring! LOVE IT!

  2. thanks for sharing these photos. i love a good arm party!
    If you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog :)
    There is a lovely giveaway I'm having:


    1. Thank you so much! Just followed you, love your blog! Thanks for sharing :) xxx

  3. Katia, these are all gorgeous! Arm candy is still as popular as ever in 2013 too! Come see my store if you have a chance <3