Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Marc Anthony Easy Lites Instant Highlighting Spray

Dear readers, 

Remember my Ombre post? Well now I can say I finally found a solution to my long-awaited decision. A couple of months ago I came across a demo featuring Marc Anthony Easy Lites Hairspray. I was amazed by the demonstration of this new product, it is an innovation which I am sure hardly anyone has ever seen. It is a highlighting spray, all that needs to be done it to just spray on a strand of your hair and flat iron on the same strand around 5 to 7 times and you get instant highlights as a result. As soon as I watched this demo I knew I had to have it, the only problem was I couldn't find it anywhere to ship to Malta. However I recently came across a seller on ebay, and I didn't even think it twice, I bought it immediately. 


I applied the product on clean hair, sectioned it into four parts and sprayed on random strands of each section on  the bottom part of my hair for an ombre effect. After the section is sprayed and flat ironed, it is supposed to leave a shade lighter than your natural hair and it actually does! I was very impressed by the results. Don't expect a dramatic change, but it does actually give very natural looking highlights. The whole concept about this product is to highlight your hair easily at the comfort of your home, and how can anyone go wrong with that? It was the easiest method to dye my hair and I have to owe it all to Marc Anthony! 

❤ Pros: 

- Easily done within minutes
- You can spray more than once to lighten the strand of hair. 
- This spray is applicable to all natural or colour treated hair blondes, redheads and brunettes
- Affordable 


- It may damage your hair. Well if you are using a flat iron it will damage your hair. And let's face it, dying your hair is damaging enough especially if bleach is used, so luckily this is not as damaging as bleach. Since you have to flat iron as soon as you spray the product, there might be a hissing sound as you flat iron since the heat passes over the product until fully dry, however it is normal to to see the steam as described in the instructions. According to the box description it contains Chamomile Flower and Fruit Blend extracts which leaves the hair healthy and full of shine. 

- I don't think it is suitable for people who have very curly hair and do not straighten it very often. However I don't think it should stop you from trying it since you can still flat iron it just to highlight your hair. 

- Highlight shade might vary according to the colour of your hair especially on dark or textured hair. 

❤ Tips: 

For shades of light brown, dark blonde and lighter hair colours a recommendation is to spray evenly the product after shampooing and conditioning the hair and blow dry. For a maximum lightening result spray and flat iron when styling. 

And here are the results: 

The highlights actually came out even blonder than expected, AND it looks even blonder in natural light. Do give it a try especially for those who would like to try out ombre like I did! In just 2 easy steps you can create sunkissed highlights within minutes.I am definitely giving this product a thumbs up!