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What's in My Make-Up Bag?

Hi Everyone! 

Finally I'm back to the blogging world! This month I did some new make-up purchases for the summer and now I have a revamped make-up bag! So I decided give you dear readers a peek inside my make-up bag and show you my favourite make-up products I reach for in my day to day routine. 

Make-up case: I bought my make-up case over a year ago from Peacocks. I adore it not only because of the floral print, but it is the perfect size and perfect material for carrying make-up. I bought it on sale together with a travel case, I am not sure if  they still have the same one but I'm sure you can find a similar type of make-up case anywhere. I think a plastic make-up case is best if you want to avoid it from getting dirty. I used to change my make up cases every few months since they all ended up filthy and stained. However, I had this one over a year ago and it still looks brand new. Plus, it is very spacious and it is the perfect size for travelling. 

So, What 's in my make-up bag?

♥  Face: 

Foundation - First and foremost is liquid foundation. Since I do not have the perfect complexion of skin, I find the need to use some sort of liquid foundation to cover up areas which I am not too keen on showing, and mainly to give an even complexion. The type of foundations I like to use are light to medium coverage, since through past experience using other foundations, it is what I find best to give the right amount of coverage as well as looking natural. My favourite type of foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Font de teint Gel in number 52. I love this foundation so far, it gives out an even complexion without it feeling heavy or cakey. It actually feels like having no make-up on and it also has a fruity scent which is not so familiar in foundations. It might be a bit pricey for some, but when it comes to foundation I believe you pay what you get, so it is better to invest at least on a good foundation.  I love it, and it is the perfect foundation for the summer. 

Concealer- Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and highlighter in soft beige. I generally apply some concealer under my eyes and also on certain spots which I want to cover. I purchased this product for the second time which I do not normally do unless it is something I really like. Most importantly, it really matches well with the foundation. 

Powder-  Elf Mineral Sheer booster. It is a translucent powder and I use just a very small amount using a powder brush just to set all the foundation on my face. It does the job pretty much, and it is actually very affordable. 

Blush- Essence souffle' touch blush in Frozen Strawberry. Oh my gosh I cannot rave enough about this blush. I did not expect such great quality from essence but this is amazing. It has a creamy consistency, and you just apply it with your fingertips and blend it out on your cheeks. It lasts almost all day and the colour might look dark but it actually is very blend-able and looks like a very light pink-ish shade. Perfect especially for the summer if you want your blush to last all day!

♥ Eyes: 

I do not normally wear eye shadow every day, but whenever I feel like applying some when I'm out or when I'm on a rush, these are the ones that I reach out to mostly.

Primer- Elf Eyelid Primer. I normally apply it before applying eye shadow just to make it stay longer. 

Eye shadow- Elf Cream eyeshadow in Natural Glow; Catrice Made to Stay in Lord of Blings; Elf  Eyliner & Shadow stick in brown/basic, and Revlon colour stay eyeshadow in Neutral khakis. 

As you can see, I always end up using neutral colours. I normally like to add some gold cream shadow and add a nude colour blended to the crease for a day look. Or instead of nude adding a dark brown colour and blend it to the crease for a natural smokey eye. 

Liner: L'Oreal Perfect Slim Eyeliner.  I find this the best liner if you want to achieve the perfect slim winged eye on your upper lid. This is normally the look I go for the most, since I have stopped applying eyeliner on my lower lid. It always used to end up looking smudged, plus it made my eyes look smaller. So I found the best way to apply a winged out line. An alternative to the L'oreal pen liner, I also love using the Maybeline Studio lasting Drama Gel Liner. I find that the gel liner lasts longer than the L'oreal and I normally wear it on a night out.

Mascara: Rimmel Day to Night Glam Eyes.  My favourite mascara so far. I am that kind of person that I cannot live without mascara. If I had to choose anything from my make-up bag which I cannot live without has to be it. I just find it amazing how just applying some mascara it instantly widens the eye and pulls the look all together.

♥ Brushes: 

My everyday brushes I reach out for. 

Body shop blush brush- I mainly use it to apply powder foundation to set all the make-up. 

Elf Stipple Brush- I use this to apply my liquid foundation. I find this brush the best way to apply foundation compared to a sponge or your fingers. It leaves an airbrush effect and evenly distributes all the foundation in place. 

Elf Professional Eye-crease brush- I use it to blend eyeshadow towards the crease. Very affordable brush and great quality. I suggest if you want to buy make up brushes Elf is the best place to get them! 

Elf Angled Eyliner Brush- I use this to apply the gel eyeliner and gives the best result in achieving a winged line. 

♥ Lips:

My favourite part! I recently bought 4 new lipsticks and I am honestly obsessed with them. These are the 4 main lipsticks I reach out to the most for every day and they are the perfect colours for the summer. 

Revlon Lip Butters- Finally after all these months searching, they are finally available in Malta. I managed to get 2 for now, but I am surely adding more colours to the bunch! I got the colours in Creme Brulee which is a nude pinkish colour, and Strawberry Shortcake. I absolutely love them! They have a creamy consistency and they are similar to a tinted lip balm. I was undecided about whether to review them, but I figured that so many people were mentioning this product there are tons of reviews out there you most probably have already heard of! 

Revlon Coral Berry Lipstick-  My go-to lipstick of the month! The perfect coral colour and perfect for the summer. 

Maybeline Coloursnesational Intense Pink-   A light pink coloured lipstick, perfect for everyday. 

Essence XXL Shine lipgloss in Sparkling Papaya- It is my every day lipgloss. I normally wear it on its own during the day. But I am actually loving it wearing it on top of the Coral Berry Liptstick from Revlon. They are a match made in heaven!

Elf Lip Stain in Bombshell- Nude lipstain/lipgloss perfect colour for every day !

Revlon Pink Crystals Lipgloss-  This is another lipgloss which I reach out to the most. These 3 lipglosses are my favourite 3 which I normally shift from one to the other according to my mood and what I prefer to wear on the particular day.

So now you know all curious ladies what I have in my make-up bag. I pretty much keep it simple and neutral on the face, and change up the colours on my lips. All items are all affordable and great quality in my opinion so be sure to check out the products if you like them. Let me know what are your favourite make-up products from your make-up bag!

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