Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arm Candy

Hello Lovelies! 

Arm Candy is the most sought-after trend this season. And when I say Arm Candy, I'm not talking about your remarkably attractive date you bring along with to some special public event. Fashion's terminology of Arm Candy means stacking up tons of bracelets and watches. I have become addicted to this trend. It is such a fun way to stack up your favourite jewellery pieces and they instantly jazz up an outfit. Especially if you add a pop of colour to the bunch, it instantly drags attention. Dressing up your wrists has become essential as much as dressing up yourself!  

I was always the type that I cannot leave the house with a piece of jewellery. However I was not as addictive as I am now. I am literally dedicating a shopping trip for jewellery nowadays. Insane right? Well this addiction started mostly due to the fact that other top bloggers all admire this trend. Yes I blame it all on you bloggers! Haha. I just love their style and it is obvious you get inspired by them. My favourite blogger and stylist, the QUEEN of Arm Candy is Chriselle Lim. Check out her blog The Chriselle Factor . You'd die once you see her all her arm candy, she is an expert at stacking bracelets! 

Check out the pictures below. I am mesmerized by the beautiful colours. Aren't they just gorgeous to look at? 

As for my way of stacking, here is my ACOTD, meaning my Arm Candy of the Day. 

From Left to Right :

Hearts and Love bracelets: Claire's
Jewelled Bracelet: New Look
Pink Bangle: Pimkie
Mint Jewelled Bracelet: New Look
Mint and Pink Bracelet: Vintage
Watch: Tally Weijl.

Make sure to stack up your favourite arm candy today and make sure its colourful!

Hope you liked today's post.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coachella Favourites

Hello readers!

Apologies for my absence, but lately I've been quite busy with school after Easter holidays. With all that aside, today's blog post is about my top favourite outfits worn at the highly anticipated festival Coachella. I just love these kind of events where fashion is not always about the glitz and glam when strutted by celebrities. They bring out their casual side yet still look fashion forward and at the same time inspire the 'nobodies' like us to dress like them. Not to mention, during this kind of event it seems that every celebrity seems to be admiring the bohemian or tribal trend which I LOVE. So here are the faves:

#1: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-  Love this outfit. I just adore those Christopher Kane denim shorts! The outfit is very simple yet the shorts are what complete the outfit. I think she looked amazing and come on, who would rock a pair of shorts better than her?  

#2: Paris Hilton- Please don't judge me. I know Paris Hilton is not to every one's liking, believe me I'm one of them. However I'm being honest about this and I think she really nailed this outfit. I love the jewelled bandeau and the colourful flowy maxi skirt, the sunglasses however-not so much. But the rest of the outfit was very suitable for the event. The bright accessories went very well with the hippie inspired outfit. The first time I'll be saying this, but Paris nailed this one too! 

#3 Fergie: She looks fergielicious in this outfit! I love all the layering, the fringe detail, and the earth toned colours. I give her a 10 out of 10! 

#4: Vanessa Hudgens- Nobody can rock a boho chic/ hippie outfit as Vanessa. It is like she fits the part and her style signifies her. In my opinion she always looks amazing at Coachella. 

I think you can always find similar pieces at affordable prices if you are inspired by their style. They may not be wearable to everyone, but you can always recreate the outfit in your own way. 

Who were your favourites at Coachella?

Stay Chic 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Trousers

I bet most of you have a love/hate relationship with white trousers or jeans. Either due to the fact that they get dirty way too easily, or the material may tend to be see through, or maybe because we tend to deprive ourselves from wearing them because of the famous saying that you cannot wear white jeans after (U.S) Labour Day. Since it is spring, I think we have to make it an exception that white jeans can be worn, since it is the perfect colour to match with either bright, pastels, or nude colours for spring. However I still disagree with that famous term, and I don't understand all the misery of wearing white during colder seasons, nothing should stop you from taking a risk. It depends on what you pair it up with. And most importantly it depends on the colours. But I'll leave it for now since it is actually allowable to wear white jeans today, but I'll keep you posted with the same concept for winter! 

I think the main reason is that  since white is such a light colour it might not look flattering or slimming as black jeans. However the trick is to find the perfect pair of white jeans that should mostly flatter your figure

I think 3 of the most basic type of White trousers are:
  • Basic white skinny jeans - I think these should be a must for any woman's wardrobe. Since denim is a very thick fabric, I think you should stop worrying about having see through pants. I think you don't need to invest in an expensive pair of white jeans, there are many good quality jeans at affordable prices. You just have to find the perfect pair that flatter your figure either a skinny pair for tall slim figure, cropped skinnies for shorter figures, or boot cut for curvy figures.  
  • White chinos- I think these are a classic staple piece. If you like to take a risk and change the normal day to day jeans that you always wear, I think chinos are the best alternative. Wearing head to toe white is very in this season, I think that pairing white sheer blouse, with white chinos, and a white blazer would look very chic! 
  • White palazzo pants (wide leg) - They are everywhere! They might not fit to everyone's taste but I think they are very easy to style and perfect for the summer. Pair them with a patterned bustier or a crochet top for a bohemian look. I think this summer I shall definitely invest in a white and patterned pair of palazzo pants.
Check out the sets I created with white chinos and white jeans which might give you an idea of the looks you can create for Spring or Summer with such a versatile colour! 

White Chinos

White Jeans

Stay Chic! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY: Detachable Peter Pan Collars

Hello my lovelies, 

I've been longing to do this DIY post, but since I've been very busy with school work lately, I couldn't find time. Now that I have Easter holidays, I managed to find some time on my hands and decided to create some detachable peter pan collars. They are very easy to make, no sewing required ( it's up to you) and very stylish at the same time. So let's get started! 

You will need: 

  • Paper
  • Pencil/marker
  • Scissors
  • Headed Needle 
  • Glue Gun/ fabric Glue 
  • Felt Fabric (colour of your choice) 
  • Decorative Fabric ( I used lace & floral fabric) 
  • Decorative Accessories ( studs, pearls, gems , anything that you like!) 
  • Ribbon or Chain 
  • Thread and Needle 
So first things first, you must start thinking which pattern you would like your Peter Pan collar to look like. I created 3 different patterns, so it would be easy for you to decide. So first grab the paper and fold it in half. Start drawing half of the collar starting from the folded part. I drew the collars free handed, but if you'd like there are many patterns on-line which might help you or you can click on the picture below, print it out and trace your preferable pattern. 

So once you're done, start by cutting from the folded part of the paper, all the way around the pattern 

And your result should end up looking like this : 

So once you've cut all your patterns, grab the felt fabric and your decorative fabric. The decorative fabric is optional, but I decided that I wanted a lace fabric. So first lay the felt fabric, then the lace and the pattern of your choice on top of each other, and pin them down with the headed needle. Cut the fabrics around the pattern and you will end up with two fabrics looking like your drawn pattern. The next step is to glue the lace on top of the fabric and leave it to dry, it only takes a few seconds. This part is optional but I suggest that you cut around the lace lining from the remainder of the fabric that you have left and glue it on top of the edge of the collar to hide any imperfections. Then grab the needle and thread, and start sewing the ribbon at the top corners on the backside of the collars. Once you think it is secure enough, tie a knot close to the corner of the collar to make sure it is extra secure. 
So your collar is pretty much done, but obviously I wanted to jazz it up with a little accessories. Let me show you the 4 different styles: 

As you can see, I chose white felt fabric, and white lace on top. Notice the lining of the lace on the top edge of the collars hides any imperfections and looks much neater. Then I decided to glue some threaded pearls, on the edge of the collar. You can buy them at any local craft store, they are very easy to find. And there you have it collar no 1 complete! 

This is very similar to the previous one, but instead of using lace I decided to use a floral fabric instead. I think it came out looking better than I expected it and the touch of pearls gave it a very vintage look. 

This is the second pattern shown in the above picture. I decided to use peach felt fabric and just glued the threaded pearls all across it. This was the easiest collar to make, and I suggest using threaded pearls instead of gluing a separate pearl one by one. If so it would take ages to finish, and for me it only took 10 minutes to glue them all in place. I love the way it turned out, it looks like a statement necklace and it screams spring!

The last collar has to be one of my favourites. It may not be called a peter pan collar, since it leans more towards the classic structured collars. So if you do not feel like cutting off a collar from your old shirts, go ahead and draw it  out yourself. Here I used white felt, black lace and gold studs around the pointed edges. I think it came out looking very edgy and would look great for a night out! 

So there you have it! DIY Peter Pan Collars, very easy and affordable way to make your collars at home!

Create different looks for different occasions, one for a casual look, one for a vintage/girly look, one for a party look, and another for a sophisticated look. 

I hoped you liked this post and be sure to try it out and let me know how it turned out! 

Stay Chic 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Infamous Ombre

Hello my fellow readers and welcome to my lovely new followers! 

Today's post I shall be discussing about the infamous ombre hair. Everyone, who is anyone tried this hair trend starting from Jessica Biel to, Rachel Bilson, to Drew Barrymoore, SJP you name them! Even the majority of fashion bloggers and beauty gurus were in love with this trend zoella, thepersianbabe, thefashioncitizen, and today I've noticed even DulceCandy  dyed her hair ombre. The best part about it is that the majority pretty much dyed it on their own. 

The point is I'v been debating for several months, scratch that, maybe over a year, whether to ombre or not. First of all I am utterly afraid of dying it at the hairdressers. What if they don't dye it how I want? What if the colour is not what I wanted?  what if? what if? what if?!!! So I ended up doing nothing. Then I searched through the internet and tried to find the best solution to DIY at home. The drawback I found is that ombre is another word for bleaching your hair, and to be honest that is what scared me. I did not want to damage my hair and it looked like it needed higher maintenance just to keep it looking healthy. So I ended up doing nothing- again. And the story repeats itself. Now I'm still stuck with this boring brown hair, I've been with it for most of my life, I only dyed it twice so you can imagine how much I am dying  for a change. 

Plus I was still debating about the type of ombre. There are several types, either a very dramatic bleach blonde tip, either the colour lightens as it reaches to the tips and so on. My way of ombre at least until I first try it, is dying highlights starting from the middle of your face, and getting gradually lighter as they reach the tips. Also I prefer a golden blonde colour I think it looks more natural and not 'in your face'. Don't get me wrong when I look at other people's ombre hair, it's jaw dropping how beautiful it looks especially on dark blonde hair. But since I am still a newbie at hair dying , I try to find the safest way into it. I am sure plenty of girls like me do the same. 

So the question is should I try it myself, or should I leave it on the hands of the professionals? To me both are risky. But right now I'm seriously willing to take a risk! I need a change. What do you think? To ombre or not to ombre? Give me the low down!

My favourite Ombre Hair looks: