Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Infamous Ombre

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Today's post I shall be discussing about the infamous ombre hair. Everyone, who is anyone tried this hair trend starting from Jessica Biel to, Rachel Bilson, to Drew Barrymoore, SJP you name them! Even the majority of fashion bloggers and beauty gurus were in love with this trend zoella, thepersianbabe, thefashioncitizen, and today I've noticed even DulceCandy  dyed her hair ombre. The best part about it is that the majority pretty much dyed it on their own. 

The point is I'v been debating for several months, scratch that, maybe over a year, whether to ombre or not. First of all I am utterly afraid of dying it at the hairdressers. What if they don't dye it how I want? What if the colour is not what I wanted?  what if? what if? what if?!!! So I ended up doing nothing. Then I searched through the internet and tried to find the best solution to DIY at home. The drawback I found is that ombre is another word for bleaching your hair, and to be honest that is what scared me. I did not want to damage my hair and it looked like it needed higher maintenance just to keep it looking healthy. So I ended up doing nothing- again. And the story repeats itself. Now I'm still stuck with this boring brown hair, I've been with it for most of my life, I only dyed it twice so you can imagine how much I am dying  for a change. 

Plus I was still debating about the type of ombre. There are several types, either a very dramatic bleach blonde tip, either the colour lightens as it reaches to the tips and so on. My way of ombre at least until I first try it, is dying highlights starting from the middle of your face, and getting gradually lighter as they reach the tips. Also I prefer a golden blonde colour I think it looks more natural and not 'in your face'. Don't get me wrong when I look at other people's ombre hair, it's jaw dropping how beautiful it looks especially on dark blonde hair. But since I am still a newbie at hair dying , I try to find the safest way into it. I am sure plenty of girls like me do the same. 

So the question is should I try it myself, or should I leave it on the hands of the professionals? To me both are risky. But right now I'm seriously willing to take a risk! I need a change. What do you think? To ombre or not to ombre? Give me the low down!

My favourite Ombre Hair looks: 

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