Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coachella Favourites

Hello readers!

Apologies for my absence, but lately I've been quite busy with school after Easter holidays. With all that aside, today's blog post is about my top favourite outfits worn at the highly anticipated festival Coachella. I just love these kind of events where fashion is not always about the glitz and glam when strutted by celebrities. They bring out their casual side yet still look fashion forward and at the same time inspire the 'nobodies' like us to dress like them. Not to mention, during this kind of event it seems that every celebrity seems to be admiring the bohemian or tribal trend which I LOVE. So here are the faves:

#1: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-  Love this outfit. I just adore those Christopher Kane denim shorts! The outfit is very simple yet the shorts are what complete the outfit. I think she looked amazing and come on, who would rock a pair of shorts better than her?  

#2: Paris Hilton- Please don't judge me. I know Paris Hilton is not to every one's liking, believe me I'm one of them. However I'm being honest about this and I think she really nailed this outfit. I love the jewelled bandeau and the colourful flowy maxi skirt, the sunglasses however-not so much. But the rest of the outfit was very suitable for the event. The bright accessories went very well with the hippie inspired outfit. The first time I'll be saying this, but Paris nailed this one too! 

#3 Fergie: She looks fergielicious in this outfit! I love all the layering, the fringe detail, and the earth toned colours. I give her a 10 out of 10! 

#4: Vanessa Hudgens- Nobody can rock a boho chic/ hippie outfit as Vanessa. It is like she fits the part and her style signifies her. In my opinion she always looks amazing at Coachella. 

I think you can always find similar pieces at affordable prices if you are inspired by their style. They may not be wearable to everyone, but you can always recreate the outfit in your own way. 

Who were your favourites at Coachella?

Stay Chic 


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