Monday, May 28, 2012

Health, Fashion & Beauty Tips to beat Exam stress

Hi dolls! 

Hope you are all well! I know that many of you including me are having a rough time going through exam stress. It is mainly the reason why I'm not blogging that much, since I have loads of studying to do and I have one hell of a long month to go before my summer officially starts. So, since my life is practically boring, depressing and trapped indoors 24/7, I got a little inspired by writing a post to all you ladies out there going through the same thing. 

Exams are rather stressful, and therefore we tend not to care about our appearance and health as an excuse for having so much to do. I think the woman's natural self comes out during exam period, since probably the majority of you leave your natural hair and wear no make-up. So when it's time to have an hour break from your studies, try to avoid laptops, TV or anything that involves procrastination. I suggest taking some time for yourself and try to release some stress out of your hectic day. So here are some beauty, health and fashion tips I suggest: 

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise: This is supposed to be an essential everyday routine, however I'm sure that not every one sticks to the routine every single day. So I suggest, since your skin is bare and natural, taking care of it during stressful days is beneficiary. I always clean my face using Ponds cold cream before I go to bed. It is seriously the best make-up remover I have ever had and I have been using it for the longest time. In fact it is a product that has been used in 3 generations, my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother all used it. It cleans all your make-up off without leaving panda looking eyes the next day, and it has the consistency of a moisturiser leaving your face delicately soft. I highly recommend it! I also use Clearasil facial scrub and toner after I have cleaned my face. However I do not use them everyday, I use them whenever I find my skin is going through bad breakouts. So technically I mostly use it during this period, since exams do cause hormonal breakouts due to stress, lack of sleep and food reactions. So taking care of your skin is a must and besides, you feel your skin nice, clean and fresh and relaxes you in a way. 

Condition your hair- Most probably everyone tends to leave their natural hair during their study time. Don't get me wrong, it's actually a good thing because you are preventing from heat and damage to your hair. So my suggestion is to condition your hair after showering, to keep it looking healthy and nourishing. You can use any leave-in conditioner, coconut oil, macadamia oil pretty much anything that keeps your hair looking healthy. What I do with my hair, I tend to avoid using oils since my hair is already too oily as it is, instead I like to use a normal conditioner, I like to use John Freida products they really do the job. I like to apply it on the tips of my hair and brush through it using a wide tooth comb. It leaves my hair looking shiny and also prevents from damaging the tips of my hair. 

Avoid Coffee- I for one, am a cofaholic during exams. I tend to take almost 5 or more a day which is really bad. Plus I end up with headaches at the end of the day which doesn't help at all. So try to opt for tea, or green tea instead. If you cannot sleep try taking camomile tea, it might not actually make you sleep, but actually does make you feel at rest. 

Clean/Organise  your room- For some of you this might be the wrong timing to clean your room. My room is always messy during this time. BUT instead of watching TV, I like to dedicate an hour and put some music on and start organising my clothes, shoes and accessories in place. I feel relaxed while doing this, and oddly enough outfit ideas start popping through my head while I'm organising. So that's a plus!

Sleep-I fail miserably at this I'm afraid so. I tend to sleep very late and wake up early. The best suggestion is to sleep early and wake up early but I fail to do so. So an option is to take an hour nap in the afternoon, just to release the stress and keeping your mind at rest. 

Snacks- As hard as it may sound, try to avoid chocolate. Eat your regular meals for lunch and dinner, since eating a good meal is vital since you need a whole lot of energy. But instead of munching down a huge bar of chocolate, or your favourite crisps, why not have some fruit? I love having strawberries, bananas,kiwi and apples.   Or having a fresh fruit salad with some vanilla yoghurt on top. Yummy yet healthy!

Exam day: Make-up- Not many might agree, but why not wear make-up for an exam? I'm not saying to put on a smokey eye or heavy foundation, but your light day-to-day make-up just to make you feel better about yourself and hide any imperfections you might not feel comfortable showing off.  Put on a light foundation, a light blusher and plenty of mascara and you'd look flawless and natural. With just 3 steps I change my mood instantly, and at least you feel better about yourself on the day you dread the most.

Exam day: Wear a Pop of colour- Who says you cannot dress for an exam? I for one am surely not going for an exam with sweats and a t-shirt, I wouldn't feel myself. Why not adding a pop of colour to your top, bag or accessories, to brighten up your day. Wearing appropriately yet fashionably will help boost up your confidence as well on the day of your exam. 

There you have it! Some tips that might help you go through this very tough period. Wishing you all the best of luck during your exams, and let's start counting down the days for our summer to begin!

Side Note: I might not be blogging as often due my incredibly busy exam schedule, but stay tuned for some posts I have in store for you guys for the summer! Only a month away 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pastels all the way!

Hello Everyone!

I had my 21st birthday last Thursday and obviously I had to do a little shopping to celebrate! So here is a little haul of  some of the clothing items and accessories I bought. I went a little bit crazy with pastels as you can see. My favourite item has to be those high waisted Monochrome shorts I got from Pull and Bear. I know I will get a lot of use out of them for the summer. I also found an embellished pastel pink top from New Look which I adore and luckily I found it on sale! 
Moving on to jewellery, I found a few pieces that I've been lusting for a really long time. My favourite of them all has to be the spiked necklace I got from New Look. I think it is a must-have jewellery piece to have since it matches with anything. I also got a watch from Aldo which I've been eyeing for ages. The special thing about it is that the straps are detachable and it includes 4 other coloured straps where you can change them according to your outfit! 

This will be surely the last shopping trip before my summer officially starts! At least my pastel lust has finally been fulfilled, and I can't wait to start wearing these new summer pieces added to my kloset. I may be posting an outfit of the day soon with some of these pieces. So stay tuned! 

Playsuit and Mint shorts- Pimkie
Tops- New Look
Powder Blue Trousers- Bershka
Monochrome shorts: Pull & Bear

Spiked necklace - New look
Turquoise necklace and Bracelets- Accessorize
Watch- Aldo& Tally Weijl