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15 Spring Essentials!

15 Spring Essentials!

So here is a list of 15 essentials that I need for spring regarding beauty products, clothes and accessories. As most of you probably do, during this time of year I get obsessed with current fashion trends, and I try to incorporate them in my very own 'kloset'. So as you can see, I cannot have enough stuff because at some point I always seem to need more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the kind person that I get what I want when I want. Believe me I work very hard to get whatever I want, and it cost me blood sweat and tears to buy what I want-but it is all worth it. I also  tend to  budget on how much I am able to spend and try to find a good bargain on something since I prefer buying 10 items at a cheaper price than splurging on just one item. So that is a bonus! 
So the items contained in the list are all things which I've been dying to get this season. I'm making it a point to own at least some of them in the near future because a few of them are basic necessities that I currently need. Let's get started:

1. First thing's first- Mint blazer: Not everyone might like this type of colour, but I find it so pretty. Anyway, it doesn't necessarily have to be mint, any type of colour that fits your personality would work. But I advise you that a blazer is a must in any women's wardrobe. It is a transitional piece where you can wear it any time of the year (okay maybe not in Malta-it only counts during autumn or spring). And you can dress it up or dress it down it is up to you. Well for myself, I need a mint blazer because I actually have a collection of blazers in different colours, so I just want to add up more to the bunch. 

2. Peter pan collar dresses: I find these so vintage looking. I don't own any peter pan collar dress unfortunately, I did not find the perfect one that fits my taste to be honest. I'm still on the hunt for it. BUT you can always opt for another alternative. You can find just a simple skater dress and add a detachable peter pan collar to give the dress more character. 

3. Sheer blouses- I can't get enough of them. I just love them. I need one in every colour preferably in pastels or bright colours. They make an outfit look so delicate and sophisticated. You can wear it tucked into a pair of shorts and a matching blazer. I also like to wear them buttoned all the way up, and add a gold statement necklace or choker. To cut the story short they are a must have for spring. 

4. Crop tops- these were very much on trend last year and have become another transitional piece to have for this spring or summer. I like pairing them up with high-waisted shorts or jeans because I don't like showing off too much skin and I also find them much more attractive looking rather than pairing them up with hipster jeans. They are just a simple piece to wear especially for everyday. 

5. Lace shorts- Remember, this is my taste. So not many of you might like it. BUT I LOVE THEM! You can literally pair them up with anything. They are very versatile and if you are a person who loves vintage like I do then go ahead and add these babies up to your list! 

6. Nude heels- Can you believe I don't own a pair of nude heels? How ashamed am I. The ones that attract me the most are the platform heels which are very similar to the Christian Loubitin's. Also I like the chunky heel which are inspired by Jeffery Campbell. The main reason might be that when I look at 5 inch heels I deprive myself from buying them and also due to the fact that my boyfriend HATES it when I wear heels and look two inches taller. But whatever I still need to find the perfect pair of nude heels. 

7. Detachable Collars- I just love these collars. Throw on a colourful studded collar and they instantly jazz up a plain outfit. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find, and the only ones found were in Zara but they were all sequiny and fussy, and pretty much they were not what I pictured. But as an alternative you can always do them yourself, and that is what I am actually plan on doing. I recently watched a youtube video from one of my favourite gurus and stylist Chriselle Lim and she recreated her very own detachable collars. So check them out here and try your very own collars! 

8. Envelope Clutches- I want them in every colour! Am I asking for too much? They are just a basic accessory just to pull off an outfit and mix and match according to what you are wearing. 

9.Clubmaster Sunglasses- Ray-Ban's are the only designer brand that creates the best sunglasses that fit my taste. For some reason I don't like the style of sunglasses from other brands. Ray-Bans are just so classic and they suit almost everyone. I already have the aviators and the wayfarers, all I need now are the Clubmasters. 

10.Boyfriend watch- Many celebrities and fashion stylists, experts, and gurus probably own a very expensive Rolex or Michael Kors boyfriend watch. I'd love to have a designer gold boyfriend watch, I find it another classic staple accessory to have. For me it doesn't matter if it is Michael Kors or Asos, as long as it is chunky and gold it's fine by me! 

11. We're approaching toward the end folks! This time I'm going to mention beauty related products. Hair crimper or barrel wavers- During the spring or summer I prefer having messy beachy waves and natural looking hair. But the problem for me is since I have very thin straight hair, it is hard for me to have a wavy look naturally. So the option is to invest in a very good crimper to leave the beachy effect to your waves.

12. Sea mist- This is the perfect hair spray to add to your beachy look. It is a sea salt  hairspray, which leaves the effect of the natural waves your hair has after you hit the beach. I prepare on buying this product because I heard tons of reviews about sea sprays and it is worth a try! 

13. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation- OMG I'd love to own this one day! Everyone keeps on raving about this foundation especially those who have oily and acne prone skin like I do. I've heard it gives great coverage and it is like adding another layer of skin. The drawback is the price. It is way over my price range, so if any of you recommend an alternative please don't hesitate to do so!

14.Bright/pastel nail polishes- I need to add up more to my collection. Enough said.

15. Best for last. Revlon lip butters- Why didn't they launch them in Malta yet? Have any of you heard if they are launching them by any chance? Because I've been dying to try them out and I read a lot of positive reviews about them. Please do take a look at reviews because they just look divine and I think they would make a hit if they are launched here! I hope they will.

So that is it folks! Hope you liked my 15 essentials, I hope I didn't  bore you out reading, I don't like to leave out certain things worth mentioning so that is why this post is a teeny weeny tad bit longer. What are your essentials you might add on to my list? 

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  1. I also think an essential would also be a classic satchel style bag. I think it would go great with the peter pan collar dress for a casual look.

    Great blog