Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi Dolls!

Welcome to my official blog Katia's Kloset. I'm so excited to finally create this fashion blog which will include my thoughts and current fashion obsessions. I am still new to this, so bear with me please and I'm sure that as long as I am committed to this blog, by time I will progress- that is my goal. I explained in more detail the purpose of the blog and so on in the About tab, so go check it out!

In the meantime, I'm so thrilled that it is finally spring! I am that kind of person that loves every season, I don't actually have a favourite. But there comes a point when I get sick of the weather and tend to look forward for a change. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am do fed up of winter now, and I am so glad that the weather is finally getting warmer. This is the opposite of what I was saying two months ago, since I was so into the winter trends: the oversized jumpers, the knitted snoods, coats, boots and not to mention  the colour combination of mustards, browns and burgundy. I have my winter closet full of those colours! But now I am over it, and I can't wait to start updating my spring/summer wardrobe. I am very much into pastel colours which you would probably notice in the next couple of months. I am also into aztec/ tribal prints which were very on trend last year but oddly enough it was very difficult to find aztec print clothing to buy in stores. I also love floral  prints- well who doesn't? They give such a feminine touch to an outfit and brighten up your mood. Also lace is a must have for the spring or summer. Tops, dresses, shorts- you name it! I like pairing lace with different textures and patterns just to give a girly touch to something plain, or else it can either tone down a very vibrant outfit. Anyway, if I could, I wouldn't stop mentioning the different styles for spring- there are so many! I shall definitely keep you updated with any new items that I may add to my wardrobe. However, right now I have decided that through the month of March shall embark a self-imposed shopping ban (I decided that I should first reuse the clothing that I currently have in my closet or to find something I haven't really worn- in other words I am not ''financially stable'' lol), then during periods like these, I might as well show you outfits I created via Polyvore, which incorporate the Spring theme.

Pretty Pastels

Colour Block

Tea time!

Hint of Mint

Sadly I salute you dear Winter, and therefore it is time to get rid of those heavy knits and update your wardrobe because spring is in the air! 

Have a nice day!

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